Petition to Join SGA in 2016

Spring Elections have come and gone! Thank you to all who petitioned and voted. We will be accepting petitions for the following empty Senate seats until September 16, 2016:

  • Freshman Representatives (petitioning will begin August 25) x 4
  • Sophomore Representatives x 2
  • Junior Representatives x 3
  • Senior Representatives x 4
  • School of Liberal Arts & Sciences Representatives x 2
  • School of Creative Arts Representatives x 2
  • Commuter Representatives x 3
  • Residence Hall Representatives x 3

You can find a petition here: Official Petition

Funds Requests

In addition to fundraising and collecting dues, recognized clubs and organizations may request funding from SGA. Complete and submit the Funds Request Form and Event Evaluation Form to request funding. If possible, please fill out both forms electronically and email them to Student Body Treasurer.

Student Government Association

Monthly Stall Calendar

Would you like to have your event included on the bathroom stall calendars? Please submit all relevant information using the Online Request Form.

Requests should be submitted by the 25th of the month to have the event included in the following month’s publication.


Please contact Student Body Secretary if you have questions.